Designers & Foxstock



For the first time ever the world’s finest fully certified fox fur is available as a material to use and source in an uncomplicated and efficient way. We are proud to introduce Foxmarket – a global distribution and availability platform for finest quality finnish fox fur, 100% traceable, certified and ethically produced.


Our groundbreaking service has been labelled by some as “the Amazon of fur business”, which is a direct result of the way we make fur available for the designer community around the globe. The problem with using fur has traditionally been the rather complicated process of acquiring the quality and amount you need for your projects. The process has been clouded in a large degree of uncertainty which in many cases has made the idea of using fur quite far fetched.


This problem is no more. We are opening up the possibility of purchasing the exact type of skins you need by selecting what properties you are looking for. Thanks to our hypermodern grading technology, 62Valuator, we convert all physical skins into digital profiles by extracting over 2000+ parameters of data from each skin. We make the usage of fur predictable and easy. Find the skins you are looking for from our continuous supply of over 100k+ in our stock and order. You can even order just ONE skin if you like. Foxmarket by Foxstock makes this possible. In a hurry? We provide express delivery services that will get your purchase to your door in 24h globally.

Please use the following contact form to get in touch – we will assign a Key Account Manager directly to discuss how Foxstock can be of help in your business.