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Fashion brands

Foxstock is situated right in the heart of the main fur producing area in Finland, a country with the world’s most strict animal welfare regulations. We are experienced not just in producing the world’s finest fox fur, but are also a frontrunner in modernizing the global fur business.


We do this by using our collective knowledge and forming an operation which can match the needs and demands of the fashion industry and the ever changing consumer. Our furs are fully certified and apply the most detailed levels of traceability available anywhere in the world. We even put our own certificate of origin & quality on each skin – 62°Fox®, to ensure you that the skin is of the highest available standard anywhere and has been graded and packed at Foxstock in Finland. We believe that 62°Fox® furs are the best in sustainability and ethical production.


Each of our skins are manually checked and put through our in-house grading technology process 62Valuator. In a few seconds over 2000+ parameters of data are extracted from each skin to form a digital profile of the product. One of the key benefits from this are elimination of fur that can’t be used in production which in turn has a direct effect on factors such as carbon footprint. By using 62°Fox® skins in your clothing line and brand image you can be sure that you are using a product which will be ready for the consumer society of today and tomorrow.

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